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Nayan Jadnanansing


Nayan Jadnanansing  |  Netherlands  |  30th of December 2021

Normally I plan my travel alone due to circumstances this wasn’t possible for me travelling to Nepal. Luckily though I ran into Kamal from the airport he helped me with everything my wishes ideas for the travelling. But also all the practical things like knowing which atm doesn’t charge too much etc. I took the Kathmandu tour which was guided professionally by Sujan spiritual experiences. Then I took the Mardi Himal trek run well by Roshan a superb experience. When my two friends arrived we took a helicopter tour of Everest and a trekking around Bhaktapur. Kamal was always at the background and responded always very rapidly and thoughtful. I would recommend this agency to my friends and relatives


Volker  |  Germany  |  30th of December 2021

My husband and I are completing a wonderful holiday arranged by kamal Rimal from Nepalaya Treks And Expedition During the trek, all food (but not drinks) and accommodation was also included and all national park entry permit are include Our whole 15 days was a very tiring but extremely rewarding experience every moment our guide mun and porter kailas are so friendly and helpful very professional guide and we already plan to return to Nepal using definitely Nepalaya Treks when covid 19 finished and when Nepal government open the Nepal airport


Ines  |  Netherlands  |  29th of December 2021

With my boyfriend we have booked one trek with Nepalaya Treks and Expedition and we have also booked 10 days in total at the hotel Nepalaya. Basu has also been very helpful for everything that we needed during our stay in Nepal like PCR tests and transportation. 🙂 we have also taken a guided city tour of Kathmandu at this agency and both the guides for the trek and for the city tour were professional, helpful and funny. We just can highly recommend the team of Nepalaya Hotel.


Conny  |  Germany  |  29th of December 2021

Our trekking with kamal was more than an amazing experience and kamal is more than a wonderful guide. He will help you choose the best trek for you, by taking into account your interests as well as your physical condition. He will show you all the hidden beauties which characterize Nepal and its mountains. Consequently, at the end of your trek, you will recognize all the plants, trees and animals and will have incredible experiences to tell your friends. Thanks to kamal, we have been able to experience few evenings among native Nepalese people with whom we have shared a glass of the local alcohol and food. We recommend you to get kamal help if you are planning to trek in Nepal, as he is the best!
Jiri  Vesely


Jiri Vesely  |  United States  |  6th of September 2018

We used the service of the agency "Nepalaya Treks & Expedition “ three times and we can recommend it to everybody. The first two treks (Lower Dolpo and Full Everest circuit). In April 2019 we made a trek to Tsum Valey together with Manaslu circuit.The better challenge is to make Manaslu circuit. But I am afraid there will be within 5 years a new road finished as well so I expect the same destiny as in Annapurna. If you can use this time to visit this last piece of untouched land. We were going through this fascinating landscape with very nice guide. Thanks to this man, his knowledge, advice and help we spent very beautiful two weeks in the heart of the mountain. He is very clever and you can spend a lot of cold evenings talking with him about everything and learn a lot about life in Nepal. He is very helpful and strong, you can rely on him in every situation. I also appreciate his good English.  


Wendy  |  United States  |  6th of September 2018

We definitely highly recommend Kamal & Nepalaya Treks & Expedition  So much so that we are booking another trek with him & his company next year for the 3 passes! Thank you so much, Nepalaya Treks & Expedition for guiding us & sharing your beautiful country & self with us! We originally did not plan to get a guide for our trek to Muktinah, but we are so happy we changed our mind. This trek has created everlasting wonderful memories for us and Kamal was the primary reason for it. Always smiling, always happy, it was a joy being around him!  


Fel  |  London, United Kigdom  |  30th of November -0001

My friend and I trekked the Annapurna Circuit with Nepalaya Treks & Expedition . It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Our gude was friendly, informative, environmentally conscious and safety conscious. We couldn't have been in a better pair of hands. We felt looked after but also like we had our independence, like we were on a true adventure but never in danger. I really recommend it!