Bunge jumping in Nepal

Bunge jumping in Pokhara 
Pokhara is one of the famous touristic area with beautiful Phewa Lake and Mt. Machhapuchara around it. We can experience Paragliding, Parahawking, Zip-flyer, Ultra flight, Short hiking, Trekking etc.
Above all, ‘Water touch bungee’ is one of the best experience one could ever have. 70 meter long and a 3 second free fall with beautiful mountain views and river around you will definitely take your breath away. It is the most important activity that should not be missed while traveling Pokhara.

Bungee in Last Resort
Last Resort holds one of the most classic bungee jumping in the world. Last resort lies some 100 KM away from Kathmandu. It is perfect place if you want spend a day or two doing adventurous activities. The eye dazzling 160m (500ft) drop into the gorge of Bhote-koshi might just be the most spectacular bungee jump in the entire planet. It is also considered to be the longest free-fall in the entire planet.

This remarkable site is located some 4 hrs. Away from Kathmandu. It can be reached via Araniko (Kathmandu-Lhasa) Highway. The Bungee Bridge was built by Swiss company. The bridge has loading factor of 250kg per running meter. The Bridge joins two sides of the beautiful valleys.  Construction of the bridge has made life easy because of the walking hours it took when the bridge was not built. To go from one village to next, one had to walk at least 5 hours, no can be done in half an hour.

Bungee Jump has been restricted in so many parts of the world. Due to the health problems people may have before taking a jump, this sport is also considered dangerous to those who have some health deficits. Some of the health deficiencies which might cause harm to the jump takers are: -
1. Heart diseases
2. Epilepsy
3. High Blood Pressure
4. Pregnancy
5. Addiction to alcohol or drugs
6. Psychological problems